Allison White
life coach

Allison specializes in unlocking creativity in others. She was personally trained by psychotherapist Barry C. Michels, co-author of the NY Times bestseller, The Tools, and utilizes his techniques, as well as her own, to guide her clients toward more disciplined and fulfilling lives.

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"Allison has an amazing working knowledge of The Tools and an
            uncanny ability to zero in on the true obstacles holding her clients back
Barry Michels
Psychotherapist, Best Selling Author

 "Allison refreshingly eschews traditional psycho-babble and indulgent forays into your subconscious, and instead cuts right to the heart of what's going on now. She equips you to change and grow, with coaching that is direct, incisive, and best of all, works."
                                                  Janel Moloney  
                                      Emmy Award-Winning Actress
"There's an old adage "No one gets anywhere alone."  That couldn't be more true than within this crazy business of Hollywood.   Allison White has been more than a calming, loving voice along with me on my journey; she's been a co-pilot pointing out the clearest path to where I want to go."
                                                     Rob Weiss
                                 Executive Producer "Entourage" 
"I strongly endorse Allison.  She helped me use the time-tested and essential elements of life transformation in The Tools in all aspects of my personal and professional pursuits.  Her down-to-earth approach, her sense of humor and her keen ability to swiftly uncover the invisible obstacles in my way, created radical and immediate improvements for me.  She has changed my life demonstrably and permanently for the better."
                                                    Tom Nunan
                               Owner, Bullseye Entertainment
                              Academy Award-Winning Producer of "Crash"